Chainsaws & care in an ancient garden

Faye is the one with the green fingers and patience. Dan’s idea of gardening is to fire up the chainsaw and get a bonfire going.  The land around our house used to be part of an old kitchen garden.

And with Faye’s care and distracting Dan’s destructive tendencies, a rather eclectic mix of plants survived and thrive to offer various tasty ingredients.

For years we’ve made jam with produce from the garden, but in 2013 we decided to start using them to develop different gin recipes.

 We picked different leaves, fruits, flowers & herbs, tested different combinations with various base liquids. The result was a load of different concoctions, all mixed in jam jars.

Jam jars started to spread around the house, firstly around the sink in the kitchen, down the hallway and then into most of the rooms.

Tripping over a stack of them on the stairs, our son shouted ‘Jam Jar Gin’ and the name kind of stuck.

 Jam Jar Gin was created, along with a load of new recipes for gin. Some horrific, but fortunately, some we absolutely loved.

We’re all about creating delicious, refreshing and distinctive gin.

Gin that is epic in a gin & tonic…….

but that also inspires people to make fabulous cocktails, whether you’re venturing into gin cocktails for the first time, or an experienced mixologist, looking for a new taste.