The Taste of Jam Jar Gin


A London Dry Gin that’s the Best of British Summer in a Jar™

We set out to make a gin that captured the summer leafiness and freshness of a British country garden and developed a rather special gin, with a distinctive, marvellously refreshing flavour.

It’s easy to recognise the distinctive taste of our London Dry Gin, just think “raspberries and cream”.

Firstly there’s a refreshing citric hit that comes from raspberry leaves. Then there’s an unusually long, creaminess that stays in the mouth, which increases the colder you make the gin.

Perfect in a G&T, marvellous in a martini and loads more in between.

And we’re proud to have our gin served and sold in fabulous places as well as being internationally awarded by the Global Gin Masters, International Wine & Spirits and San Francisco World Spirits.

How to get the most out of your first taste

We always recommend that you initially try it neat.

  1. Pour a little into a glass and give it a swirl. See if you can pick up the aroma of raspberries.
  2. Take a small sip at room temperature to get that initial citric hit alongside the juniper.
  3. Then the long creaminess that stays in the mouth afterwards.
  4. Next, add a few cubes of ice to the gin and stir for 10 seconds or so and try it again.
  5. Taste how the creaminess intensifies, when cooled. (We always keep some in the freezer).

A lot of our taste testers have told us that although they’d never normally sip neat gin, they quite like to do that with ours.

But the most important thing is that you enjoy it how YOU like.  

If you like a G&T, we’d suggest a tonic that’s not too overpowering - the Fever Tree Naturally Light or Mediterranean Tonic works well.

If you’re after cocktail ideas, look at our Make Something Bloody Marvellous page & our Recipe blog on the website & Facebook. Or Buy our Cocktail book with 50 easy to follow marvellous cocktail recipes.


Faye & Dan.


Jam Jar Gin Collection