botanical no1

London Dry Gin 

 The best of British Summer in a Jar™



We set out to make a gin that was the best of a British summer in a jar. We’ve developed a rather special liquid, with a delicious, very distinctive flavour. 


A special liquid deserves a special container.  We hunted high and low for the perfect glassware, presenting our gin to you in a classic Mason Jar. Beautiful, durable glassware that you can use again and again – for everything from a cocktail shaker to growing your own botanicals.


The Taste of Jam Jar Gin

It’s easy to recognise the distinctive taste of our London Dry Gin, just think “raspberries and cream”.

Firstly there’s a refreshing citric hit that comes from raspberry leaves. Then there’s an unusually long, creamy finish to the gin, which increases the colder you get the liquid.

Perfect in a G&T, marvellous in a martini and loads more in between.

Every week, more people are discovering Yerburgh’s Jam Jar Gin. We can’t wait for you to taste it.

"When you think the Gin World reached the top of its creativity, you get to try the JamJar Gin. An unusual style of dry gin from South London with an intriguing creamy finish (although delicious in Martinis), with the great addition of raspberry leaves in its botanicals, making it one of the most interesting craft Gins we tried recently. We at the Zetter Townhouse, were glad to review and experiment with such an amazing new gin. We can’t wait to see it smashing the Gin market soon next year."

− Keivan Nemati, Zetter Townhouse

"Quite simply, this gin is bloody marvellous... you know that first day of Spring in London? The one where you step outside and it just SMELLS different? If you could bottle that, it would taste like this gin! All Magnolia breeze, fresh fruits and cut grass… delicious! We were so inspired by the profile of Botanical No. 1 during the neat tasting that we immediately experimented with ingredients in the cupboard. 9/10"

− GinClub, London

"Having waited for so long to sample it, I opted to first try Yerburgh’s Jam Jar Gin straight from the jar. That refreshing citric hit makes you instantly want to take another sip, and I can’t wait to try it out with other cocktails. I’m particularly excited about trying it with our Red Snapper!"

− The Bloody Oyster

Our original 3cl sample jar was a hit from the start of our crowdfunding campaign back in 2014.  It has grown up a little but will always be a favourite.