Gorse Flower (and Kissing)

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Gorse Plant Medium“When Gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season” – so goes the old saying – from the belief that it’s always flowering somewhere.



Gorse Flower MediumOur GORSE FLOWER cocktail brings out the best in Jam Jar Gin with this foragers’ delight and its rich coconut-like fragrance, so abundant in our woods at the moment.

Matching coconut-infused maraschino and a gorse flower hydrosol with #JamJarGin creates a drink that lifts your spirits like a crisp, sunny spring day.

Here’s the recipe

40ml Jam Jar Gin
20ml orange liqueur
20ml lemon juice
2.5ml coconut-infused maraschino
2.5ml sugar syrup
3 drops gorse flower hydrosol

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake quickly. Then fine strain into a wine goblet dusted with caster sugar and coconut flakes, then garnish with a long lemon twist (squeezed and dropped in).

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