Make Something Bloody Marvellous – a book about the gentle art of mixing gin

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We’re delighted to announce our new book, which you can order NOW at Amazon – click here to order yours now!

It’s about combining gin with the splendid flavours of the British Countryside.
People nowadays are becoming a lot more particular about what passes their lips.
And a bloody good thing, too. There’s nothing quite like a splendidly made drink whether you find yourself in town or the country.
Join Faye & Dan – founders of Jam Jar Gin – as they infuse their keen experimentalism with the cocktail expertise of Keivan Nemati, renowned bartender (The Zetter Townhouse & The Drink Factory). Together, they combine their gin with the splendid flavours of the British countryside.
The result are some truly delicious creations, including food ideas from innovative Harvey Nichols chefs Stewart Mackie and Megan Roberts.
This book is about an unashamed love for well-made drinks that people enjoy more. If you’re new to cocktails, you’ll see that with a few techniques you can create something marvellous. And even if you’re an old hand at cocktails, you’ll find some elegant new ideas to add to your repertoire.
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A bloody marvellous gift for someone you think is rather special.
And you can pre-order it now from Amazon – Make Something Bloody Marvellous – The Gentle Art of Mixing Gin
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