Bloody Marvellous Recipes — White Lady

White Lady Cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

Meet the White Lady

This classic sipping cocktail is as good to taste as it is to look at. The White Lady is a variant on that other classic cocktail - the Daisy - adding egg white for a marvellous “mouth-feel” to the drink. The flavour Sharp and citrusy, like The Daisy, balanced by the orange and syrup - but the frothiness of the egg white emphasises the creaminess of Jam Jar Gin, as well as creating a delightful mouthfeel and wonderful look to the drink. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 35ml Jam Jar Gin 15ml Orange Liqueur (e.g. Cointreau) 25ml Lemon Juice 25ml Egg...

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