Bloody Marvellous Recipes — martini bitters

The classic Negroni cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

The Negroni

With splendid red colour and complex, satisfying flavour, the Negroni remains as popular as ever. And Jam Jar Gin makes a marvellous one.   The flavour The juniper of the London Dry balances the bitter notes in this splendid drink. The creaminess of Jam Jar Gin smooths out the complex elements and the raspberry leaves add their refreshing citric hit to every sip. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: (for one drink) 25ml Jam Jar Gin 25ml bitters (e.g. Campari) 25ml Italian (sweet, red) vermouth Orange slice Method: Fill a rock glass with plenty of ice Pour ingredients over the ice Stir...

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