Bloody Marvellous Recipes — jam jar gin

The Gorse Flower cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

Gorse Flower (and Kissing)

“When Gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season” – so goes the old saying – from the belief that it’s always flowering somewhere. Our GORSE FLOWER cocktail brings out the best in Jam Jar Gin with this foragers’ delight and its rich coconut-like fragrance, growing in abundance in our woods at the moment. The flavour Matching coconut-infused maraschino and a gorse flower hydrosol with the citric creaminess of Jam Jar Gin to create a drink that lifts your spirits like a crisp, sunny spring day. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: (for one drink) 40ml Jam Jar Gin...

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The classic Negroni cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

The Negroni

With splendid red colour and complex, satisfying flavour, the Negroni remains as popular as ever. And Jam Jar Gin makes a marvellous one.   The flavour The juniper of the London Dry balances the bitter notes in this splendid drink. The creaminess of Jam Jar Gin smooths out the complex elements and the raspberry leaves add their refreshing citric hit to every sip. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: (for one drink) 25ml Jam Jar Gin 25ml bitters (e.g. Campari) 25ml Italian (sweet, red) vermouth Orange slice Method: Fill a rock glass with plenty of ice Pour ingredients over the ice Stir...

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Silver Fizz cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

The Silver Fizz

The Silver Fizz is a classic long drink. Simple, and delicious. Like other fizzes, these cocktails were originally drunk in the morning, hence the (relatively) low quantity of alcohol. The flavour Sharp and refreshing as sweet and sour flavours balance beautifully in this classic long drink, with the egg white in this version adding a smooth foamy texture. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 35ml Jam Jar Gin 20ml Lemon Juice 20ml Egg White 15ml Sugar Syrup Top up with soda water Small piece of Lemon Peel Method: Combine ingredients except the soda and lemon peel in a cocktail shaker...

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Raspberry Collins made with Jam Jar Gin

Raspberry Collins

The Raspberry Collins is what summer was made for. And a delicious, long alternative to the Gin & Tonic if you fancy a change.   The flavour Bubbly, fruity, sharp and very refreshing. The mix of raspberry and lemon with the gin, balanced by the sugar syrup then lengthened with soda water is wonderful. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 7 fresh raspberries 50ml Jam Jar Gin 25ml Lemon Juice 15ml Sugar Syrup Soda Water Method: Muddle (squash) 5 raspberries with the Jam Jar Gin, Lemon Juice and Sugar Syrup in a cocktail shaker Dry shake (without ice) for 30...

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White Lady Cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

Meet the White Lady

This classic sipping cocktail is as good to taste as it is to look at. The White Lady is a variant on that other classic cocktail - the Daisy - adding egg white for a marvellous “mouth-feel” to the drink. The flavour Sharp and citrusy, like The Daisy, balanced by the orange and syrup - but the frothiness of the egg white emphasises the creaminess of Jam Jar Gin, as well as creating a delightful mouthfeel and wonderful look to the drink. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 35ml Jam Jar Gin 15ml Orange Liqueur (e.g. Cointreau) 25ml Lemon Juice 25ml Egg...

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The Pink Gin cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

Pink Gin

Pink Gin is a wonderful old cocktail. A gloriously simple and delicious classic. The Pink Gin is said to have originated in the Navy where it was a cure for sea sickness. It’s a splendid drink whether you have it short (as we show here) or with tonic water. The flavour The bitters give the Jam Jar Gin a new edge and the ice dilution smooths out this delightful combination. A real gin-lover’s cocktail. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 50ml Jam Jar Gin 3 dashes Angostura Bitters Method: Add plenty of ice into a mixing glass Pour the ingredients over...

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Gin Crusta cocktail made with Jam Jar Gin

Gin Crusta

Another delightful cocktail that you should definitely try. The tell-tale sign of the Gin Crusta is the sugar-crusted glass rim. It's actually an adaptation of the Daisy - a general name used for cocktails with orange liqueur.  The flavour The added bite of the maraschino liqueur works beautifully in this drink, and is sweetened by the caster sugar on the glass. Here's how you make it. Ingredients: 40ml Jam Jar Gin 20ml Orange Liqueur (e.g. Cointreau) 20ml Lemon Juice 2.5ml Maraschino Liqueur (e.g. Luxardo) 2.5ml Sugar Syrup 3 dashes Boker’s bitters Slice of Orange Caster Sugar (for dusting) Slice of Lemon Peel (for garnish) Method:...

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The classic Martinez made with Jam Jar Gin

Meet the Martinez

The Martinez is often called ‘the father of the martini’. It's a delicate yet complex drink and one of our all-time favourites. It also works particularly well with Jam Jar Gin.   The flavour The sharpness of the maraschino really brings out the citric hit of our London Dry Gin - which comes from raspberry leaves - giving a refreshing, tart bite as you first taste it. Right after that, the mellow sweet vermouth combines gently with the gin's unusually long creaminess to create a soft, smooth ending to the drink. After which, there's nothing to do but enjoy another sip of this great, but often overlooked libation. Here's how...

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